RHODSIG GROUP, Independent Cargo Surveyors and
Test Laboratory specialized with all types of
Petroleum Products, Chemicals and LPG.


Rhodsig performs independent inspections with uncompromising impartiality.


We perform independent testing and quality assurance of Oil, Gas and Chemicals.

Terminal Services

We know Terminals, let us do the work for you.



Rhodsig Group consists of Rhodsig Company and Rhodsig Laboratory. Rhodsig Company was formed in 1954 to provide a variety of specialist loss-control and measurement services to the oil companies, trading houses, terminal operators and ship owners. The company is experienced, flexible and highly receptive to our Client’s specific requirements. Losses in the petroleum and chemical industry can result in disputes of large amounts. Our objective is to prevent such losses by carefully monitor and measure product movements and transfers. Rhodsig Laboratory was formed in 1992 in order to provide laboratory service in addition to the inspection service. Rhodsig Laboratory also provide stand alone analysis to other companies such as petrol stations, research institutes, private and public companies. Through its agency with SGS Rhodsig Laboratory provide inspection services, for more information see below.

In 2021 parent company was renamed Rhodsig Group in order to affiliate both companies and streamline its services.

Why use an Independent Company?

As an independent company Rhodsig has no commercial interest in transactions beeing monitored. For us there is no such thing as the “best” result, we only have one mission and that is to deliver the correct results to our Clients.

In good Company

Rhodsig Laboratory is since 2012 acting as Agents of SGS for OGC Inspection and Laboratory services in Denmark and Sweden. SGS is a world leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.